Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cheese and Vegemite Sausage Rolls

Saturday 12th September 2009
Ian was really looking forward to working at the Café today, not!, the thought of working with those Saturday staff, it just makes him even more determined to get his residency/citizenship over here, whatever it takes to get his shotgun licence.
As it happens, it wasn’t as bad as he had anticipated, they all seemed pretty much on the ball today and with the help of one of the girls, Ian reckons that he has made the best Cheese and Vegemite Sausage Rolls, even better than the ones they make at DBC butchers two doors away.
For those of you who have never been to Australia, and Western Australia in particular, they seem to have this predilection for getting some meat and mixing it with cheese, it doesn’t matter what sort of meat it is, they have no shame.
They love anything from Chicken and Cheese Sausages to Steak and Cheese Pies and if you can mix in some Sun dried Tomatoes or Vegemite it will be seen to be a gastronomic delight, then cover it in tomato sauce, the cheaper the better and when you cannot possibly taste anything other than the tomato sauce, you’ve got it about right, Haut Cuisine WA style.
Carolyn flogged four baby bunnies to the pet shop today and found out that the other two that are a week younger are both boys, so we won’t be keeping either of them much to the kids disappointment.
We had a babysitter tonight for the first time in months so went in to Busselton for the evening, we only visited a couple of pubs and stayed out for a couple of hours, but it made a nice change to get out.
The first pub we went to was the Vasse which is a sponsor for the Cinefest which takes place in Busselton every year, they had a French band playing who were pretty good, even if we couldn’t understand a word they were saying.
Then we went to the Royal Palms (Ship) or Ship hole as somebody has described it on one of their posters, they had an open mic event going on, we saw the first two acts, one of whom seemed to have connections with our kids school, but apart from us and a couple of the bands parents we were about the only ones there.
We were home before 10pm so that Ian could watch the football and Carolyn could still stand up, we don’t get out much. Ahem, I do not resemble that remark! Carolyn

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