Friday, September 25, 2009

A Mother In Law Road

Sunday 13th September 2009
We were a bit late getting up this morning after our overindulgences last night, but it didn’t matter, the kids were happily glued to the telly and hadn’t noticed that we were missing.
Another one of our rabbits has had babies, this one has had five babies, so having got rid of four to the pet shop yesterday, we now have one more than we had yesterday, we reckon our rabbits can do it telepathically, she hasn’t been near a boy rabbit for weeks, or perhaps she/he is a hermaphrodite?
We went to the market at rotary park this morning, there wasn’t much there to speak of and there is a severe shortage of sweet seedless mandarins around at the moment, we did find a stall with Gluten free cakes on it though, so we bought a couple of those to try out in the Café but that was it.
From there we drove out to Capel, where according to a website we found, a market organised by the Lions was taking place, it was nowhere to be seen so we went to a local cheese shop for some free samples and a cup of coffee while we deciding what to do next.
On 29th November Ian intends to cycle from Busselton Jetty to Augusta lighthouse for fun, he has been advised by a cycling enthusiast who has said he will ride as well that the best route is to cycle down a road called Sues Road and on the way back from the cheese shop we were going to pass it, so we decided to take a look, just so that Ian could see what he had let himself in for.
What a dog of a road, as Ian and his old cycling partner from Axbridge would call it, it’s a mother in law road, basically it goes on and on and on. (Not that my Mother ever went on at him, understood? good)
This road was apparently built to service a mine, so it is wide and pretty straight so as to cope with the heavy lorries that would be using it.
It is about 60km in length and appears to be going uphill for most of it, there are trees and shrubs on either side, but nothing else until you are virtually at the end, at a place called Sues Bridge.
Ian is used to doing his longer bike rides on windy undulating roads where you have to concentrate in order to anticipate bends, hills and other obstacles that may appear at short notice, on this road you can see for miles and apart from the long hills which will be a slow hard slog, the rest of it is likely to be a test of endurance, trying to stay focussed on cycling in straight line for a couple of hours.
At least Ian knows what he’s up against now, the road from the end of Sues Road to Augusta is far more interesting so shouldn’t be a problem, assuming that is, that Ian gets off his backside and starts training.
Having driven to Augusta, we stopped for lunch at the Augusta Bakery, a renowned bakery within the area we are led to believe.
We had a cooked meal as opposed to having “Bakery”stuff, so we can’t really comment on the bread, other than Ian reckons that the toast that came with his dinner was probably toasted yesterday.
From Augusta we drove home and when we got there, Ian, Marisa and Kristian went out for a bike ride with one of the kids friends, while Fraser stayed home to do his homework and Carolyn did her girlie bits around the house, you know, washing, ironing, that sort of stuff.


Jennifer said...

:) Yep - I know roads like that...

And it's still warm and sunny over here...

Ganeida said...

May I suggest Bunny snips? One reason they're a declared pest in this country. Actually it's illegal to own one in this state [sniped or otherwise] or I'd offer to have one. Bunnies are cute...