Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flying Tables

Thursday 10th September 2009
We were woken at 4am this morning by the wind and rain, we have had and still got a severe weather warning in place at the moment, when Ian went to work at 7am the rain was horizontal and plenty of it.
We were really quiet at the Café this morning, we had expected to be busy as the weather was so bad, it normally works out like that.
Then at about 11.30am the Café was mobbed, hardly a seat left in the building, and it carried on like that for about two hours which helped towards making up for the rest of the week, although it did get a bit stressful at times.
During this couple of hours the weather outside was horrible and just as we were at our busiest, a young girl came to the counter and suggested to Ian that he might want to dismantle the large umbrella that we have outside to shelter those who need to eat and drink outside (smokers) even during inclement weather, as it was trying to take off.
Ian knew it was a risk putting the umbrella up this morning, so he made a point of bolting it firmly into its base and tied the canopy part to a pole on one side and a hook in the wall on another, this had worked quite well all morning.
When the girl came in to say that the umbrella was about to take off she wasn’t lying, when Ian got out there, there were three girls holding the table to the ground, the wind had got under the umbrella, picked it up with the base still attached, the base couldn’t pass through the hole in the table, so it picked the table up and would have quite happily taken the umbrella, base and table for a spin round Busselton if it hadn’t been for these girls holding it down and a trellis type construction overhead that stopped it being whisked away before the girls could do anything.
Tonight after the kids went to bed, we watched a film called Running Scared with Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal, it was a bit dated but good fun none the less.


Vic said...

You've gotta love the awful weather for bringing the customers in, but it'd be better still if the sun did it!

Molytail said...

We moved from the eastern coast of Canada (Prince Edward Island) to a little past the prairies (Alberta) and I can tell ya that along with missing the ocean back east, I also miss the wind - here, they call it 'windy' when the flags are hardly fluttering. That ain't "windy". Windy is when the neighbour's lawn chair goes tumbling through your yard... {really windy is when the neighbour is still in it.}

I'd love a good flying table sort of wind right 'bout now! :-)