Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Thursday 3rd September 2009
It was a bit busier at the Café today, although we did find a bit of time to go out and buy some room dividers that we intend to use to shut off our storage area.
As part of reorganising the storage area Carolyn drove round virtually every shop in town that might have a table to suit our needs, only for Ian to remember that we had a stainless steel bench in the shed that would do the job and give us back a bit of much needed space in the shed, so Carolyn loaded that in the car and brought it into work.
The problem with reorganising is that it makes such a bloody mess, we were busy in the afternoon after most of the staff had gone home and what with dealing with that and clearing up the debris from our reorganisation, Ian didn’t finish work till well after 6pm.


KGV Collector said...

All done now?

The HoJo's said...

Mostly done, thank you

*not batting an eyelid at someone using someone elses profile*