Saturday, September 19, 2009

Broken Screen

Friday 4th September 2009
It was a very busy day today at the Café, made worse by the fact that a couple of large deliveries needed to be put away and we still hadn’t finished organising the storage area.
The room dividers that we had bought, had yet to be fixed into position, so Ian had left them with a couple of boxes in front of them to stop them falling over, the staff in their enthusiasm to clear away the deliveries and reorganise the storage area didn’t take this into account and put said boxes where said boxes should have been put, if they hadn’t been doing something useful, like ensuring that the screens don’t fall over. One of the screens had other ideas and when it had made sure that there was nobody around to catch it, it fell over, deliberately fell over, breaking itself in the process and causing large amounts of steam to escape from Ians ear holes, this is not one of Ians better days.
Coles the supermarket opposite the Café had a deal on Coke cans today, just for one day we could buy them from the supermarket at about half the price we can get them from Coke direct, so we had a load of it, most of which is sitting in our hallway because we haven’t got room for it at work.
This evening the kids didn’t go to Freaky Friday, this time it was because something to do with the pool had broken which makes a change.
We are now officially in spring and it is colder than it has been all winter, it looks like we are about to get the persistent wind and rain that we didn’t get all winter as well.

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