Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wednesday 2nd September 2009
It was another quiet day in the café today, it was a quiet day in our lives really, not a lot happened at home or work, goodnight.
Almost forgot, we did get one snippet of really useless but astounding information today at work, if you put Hermit Crabs in hot water, their legs and claws fall off.
It turns out that one of our staff members who shall remain anonymous, was a little bit intoxicated one night and in an effort to get their Hermit Crabs to come out and play, put them in hot water.
Now this person would probably much rather have a dog or a pig or something, but as they are living in rented accommodation, are not allowed, so settled for Hermit Crabs instead.
Hermit Crabs will apparently come out of their shell and play if the water warms up, unlike a Dog or Pig which would come out to play if you wave a biscuit at it, well this person in their drunkenness wanted the Hermit Crab to play to order like a Dog so thought that they would speed up the process by putting said Crabs in Hot Water, although apparently it was only the crabs who thought the water was hot.
So now, somewhere in Busselton there are two legless Hermit Crabs with third degree burns, just bumming around.

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