Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Tuesday 1st September 2009
It was another very quiet day in the café today, it did us a favour in a way because we had a new lad start work today, he’s decided he’d rather work than go to school, his parents and the school are quite happy to let him try it out, so we have got him three days a week for a month and if things work out he will go on to five days a week and we will organise a traineeship for him.
He certainly seemed very motivated today, if he wasn’t carrying out food or coffee orders he was cleaning and always looking for something else to do.
Marisa had a lead role in assembly this morning, she had to stand up on stage during assembly and talk to the school about taking part in Operation Christmas Child, each child is asked to fill a shoe box with Pants, Socks, Toiletries etc, which will then be sent to underprivileged homeless street kids, possibly in Russia. According to her mum she did really well, no doubt Marisa was pleased to hear it.

Fraser and Marisa went to Scouts tonight, it turns out that they have got to go on yet another camp, because they are going to have to share equipment with another troop over this way when the go to Jamboree next year and so that they can get to know each other and learn how to use the other troops equipment, another camp has been ordered, they see our kids more than we do.


Ganeida said...

The Christmas Box idea is really neat. We've done them. The kids enjoy choosing cheap but fun things to fill the box as well as things like pretty combs & face washers.

As for camp...lol Just another excuse to get no sleep!

Vic said...

Sounds like you might have found someone to kick those Saturday kids in to shape.

The HoJo's said...

we love camps, cheaper than babysitters usually.

erm...not yet anyway