Saturday, September 26, 2009

English Jelly Babies

Saturday 19th September 2009
Carolyns birthday and she had to work, she didn’t have to work until 10am mind and she finished at 1pm, so it wasn’t so hard really.
Fliss and Lukery her lover took the kids to the cinema this morning, they went to see the film UP, we reckon Lukery loves these cartoon films but is a bit too macho to go on his own and Fliss is just a big kid herself, so when a film like this comes along taking the kids is the perfect alibi.
Ian was hoping to finish work early today, but with staff dragging their heels as usual it was 4pm by the time he finished everything he had to do.
After work, Ian went shopping for some English Jelly Babies and rabbit scraps at IGA supermarket, Australian Jelly Babies are disgusting, the person who makes the Australian version has obviously never tasted the far superior English version, or maybe he doesn’t really care what they taste like because if they are only eaten by Australians the chances are they will be covered in tomato sauce anyway, so it doesn’t matter what they taste like because they will all be tomato sauce flavour by the time the get eaten.
When Ian got home, Carolyn opened her cards and presents and seemed to like them all, so that was a result.
We went out for dinner at the Vasse tonight, the boys were determined to have a Pizza each despite the fact that we told them they were big, they managed to finish the equivalent of one whole pizza between them, so guess what they’ve got for dinner tomorrow.
Carolyn had a steak with mushrooms stuffed with snails, we haven’t eaten snails since we were back in the UK, so she was in her element and thoroughly enjoyed the meal, she reckons it was the best meal she had eaten in Busselton and let the chef know it.
After dinner we walked up to the Royal Palms (Ship) for a quick drink before catching a taxi home, the floor in the bar was once again filthy and sticky as they had a crowd in to watch the AFL (aerial ping pong) this afternoon and none of the staff could be arsed to mop the floor afterwards despite it being the main bar for a wedding reception in the evening, the management should be ashamed of themselves.
After we got home, Ian watched the real football, Arsenal v Wigan, a mismatch if ever there was one, while Carolyn played on the computer.
The dogs still haven’t got a name although we did sit up last night firing names at each other, Hinge and Bracket, Smith and Jones, Samson (sammy) and Delilah, Anthony (Antoinette) and Cleopatra, George (Georgia) and Mildred and many more, they are Carolyns babies so she is going to have the final decision at some point, the rest of us will just have to wait in nervous anticipation.


Ganeida said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! Late I know but if I'd known yesterday I'd have posted yesterday. Maybe I should spend more time on Facebook? Another snail fancier? Whenever I want to gross out the kids I rave about the best snails I ever had. lol

The HoJo's said...

Thank you :o)

mmmm I do Lurrvvvveeeee snails, drenched in garlic butter ideally


Vic said...

Trouble & Strife?

The HoJo's said...

Good idea, but I don't see me caling that out loud!