Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Round the World Trip

Monday 29th June 2009
It was pretty quiet in the Café today, there just didn’t seem to be many people about, we reckon they will all come into town tomorrow as there is a lottery draw worth $90 Million and the whole country is talking about it.
We have decided that if we are fortunate enough to win it, we will not let it change us.

We will still embark on that round the world trip that we have got planned for just after Wednesday lunchtime, unfortunately we haven’t got time to pop out and get the tickets until Wednesday morning otherwise we would have left earlier.
Carolyn has gone down with a cold and is feeling very sorry for herself, she didn’t come into work today in an effort to rest and help it clear up.
There was no Cubs tonight for Kristian, they are going to take part in a joint meeting with the Scouts tomorrow night.


Tilly said...

hi missy it is tilly from axbrige i hope you and you family are all well

The HoJo's said...

Hi Tilly

please leave your email address, we won't publish it :o)