Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blowing a Gale

Sunday 28th June 2009
Last night the wind howled and the rain hammered the windows, Ian coughed and spluttered and we didn’t wake up and get out of bed until 11am.
When we did eventually get out of bed, the kids had set themselves up with breakfast and telly and were so engrossed in it that they hadn’t even noticed that we hadn’t got out of bed.
Ian was feeling really ropy and felt that he needed to get some fresh air down his neck, so we drove out to Cape Naturaliste lighthouse which has probably the closest thing you will find to a Cornish type coastline round here.
The wind was still blowing a gale, but we braved the elephants and walked down to the whale watching point, there have been a couple of whale sightings in the area this month but it is a bit early for them really.
We got to the whale watching shelter just in time to take cover before the next band of wind driven rain descended on us, it was cold, it was wet and it was blowy, but it was just what Ian needed to clear the cobwebs after his bout of Quadruple pneumonia + One, we are amazed at his powers of recovery.
Bad joke time, the whales reminded me of it.

If you weigh a Whale at a Whale weigh Station, where would you weigh a Pie?

Answer at the bottom of page.

Having had a good bit of fresh air and exercise, we headed for home and had a relaxing afternoon veging out in front of the box watching a film called Motocrossed, a Disney film with a hero so the kids loved it.
We then watched Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, which the kids also thought was great, especially the bits where he could be horrible to people and it would be like nothing had happened the following day, or was that the same day, anyway it is good fun.
After the kids had gone to bed, we watched an episode of Shameless before going to bed for an early night.

Answer: Somewhere over a Rainbow.
If unsure of the answer, feel free to ask for an explanation.