Monday, July 6, 2009

Quadruple Pneumonia + One

Saturday 27th June 2009
Ian was awake most of the night coughing and spluttering after contracting Quadruple Pneumonia + One, a very rare form of Pneumonia but one that Ian was not going to let get the better of him.
He went to work as usual after dosing himself up with everything he could lay his hands on, he’s got to set an example otherwise all the staff will be taking time off for something as trivial as girlie flu.
We were one member of staff short today after they cried of with girlie flu and just like last week today turned out to be the busiest day of the week, which was good in a way because the Saturday staff have not really come under pressure on a regular basis and they coped admirably.
Marisa spent the day with her friend who happens to be a boy, he was going for his grading in Tai Kwando and had invited her to go along and watch, and needless to say she wanted to go, probably because it involved people getting hurt.
The weather at the moment is atrocious and the Scout Garage Sale due for tomorrow has been cancelled, they were supposed to be holding it in big army tent, that is to say it is a big tent that belongs to the army rather than any old tent that belongs to a big army and the guy who was going to put it up with the help of guys, now that is a coincidence, a guy having to use guys to put a tent up, bet he must get some stick.
Anyway, the guy who was going to put the tent up, rang to say that he wasn’t going to put the tent up because the wind was going to be so strong tonight and he didn’t relish the idea of having to invade another nation tomorrow to get his tent back.
This evening we sat down as a family and watched the Magnificent 7 with lots of famous people, the kids loved it, they are really getting into their westerns although the ones they are really looking forward to watching are the ones involving Indians, but the haven’t had any of those on Foxtel lately.
After the film, Carolyn read while Ian watched the British and Irish Lions get beaten by South Africa with the last kick of the game.


Vic said...

I was hoping, when you said Ian wasn't too well in the last post, that it wasn't swine flu you were talking about. That said, maybe swine flu would be easier to deal with than quadruple pneumonia + one.
Hope he's feeling better soon.

Ganeida said...

Good heavens! Is the man mad? Put him in bed & keep him there!

Hasn't it been an atrocious winter?You can keep your wild weather though. We'll get ours all summer long ~ as per usual.

The HoJo's said...

Oh please don't take the man seriously, he is a man, so he must have flu, it could never be considered to be a nsaty cold now could it ! he was fine after a few days and yes, the winter is dreadful at the moment, fierce winds and huge downpours of rain, brrr not much outside play for the kids this holidays which is a shame.

We are grateful we haven't got swine flu in the building like you Vic, hope you are well.