Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hungry Tourists

Friday 3rd July 2009
Not a bad day at the Café today, the tourists are moving in but the locals have all but moved out, the good part though is that these tourists are hungrier than our locals normally are.
After work Ian tried to have a chat with one of the staff about her attitude recently, firstly she wouldn’t stop texting while he was talking to her and then when she did stop, she obviously didn’t like what was said because she just stormed out.
We haven’t got a clue if she is going to come back to work, no doubt she will contact us over the weekend.
The kids broke up for half term today and they are over the moon about it, they all brought their school reports home with them and it would appear that in their own individual ways, they are all star pupils and are either achieving or excelling in virtually every subject.
This evening the kids went to Freaky Friday, there weren’t many kids there tonight but they still had the same number of prizes, so they all came back full to the gills with Curly Wurly’s.
We worked this evening on Café stuff, watched a bit of telly until a little while after the kids went to bed and then had an early night.
We are so busy and under the pump (under pressure the aussie way) at the moment, we are getting positively boring and knackered.


Ganeida said...

Well we know where the kids got their brains from, don't we! ;P

The HoJo's said...

*LOOKS OVER SHOULDER* oh yeah, we do ;o)