Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hermit Crabs

Saturday 4th July 2009
It was fairly quiet at the Café today, we managed to get loads of cleaning done and finished early which was good.
Kristian went round his mates house to play this morning, he had a great time and came back with a Hermit Crab tank and two Hermit Crabs, he is going to look after his mates crabs while they are on holiday.
Marisa and Fraser went to Jungle Bungle to play this morning, they didn’t stay there long though because a large group of rowdy kids came in and spoilt their game.
This afternoon/evening, Carolyn and the kids watched Back to the Future I + II while Ian watched the third of his Alien trilogy in four parts, nobody else will watch them with him.
We then had an early night.

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Vic said...

I think I'd much rather watch back to the future than any of the alien films.