Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busselton Jetty Fleece

Sunday 5th July 2009
We got out of bed at a reasonable hour this morning and went to the market at Yoganup while the kids played in the park, there were plenty of people around and loads of stalls but we didn’t find anything that we could remotely say we were interested in.
After the market we went for coffee on the front, had a look round the Jetty Shop and found nothing new.
We did however point out to the staff that all summer when the weather is hot they have a constant supply of fleeces and we don’t feel the need to purchase one because we wouldn’t wear it, during the winter when people get caught outside in the cold, they have a constant supply of T Shirts and not a fleece to be seen.
When we pointed out that we would have bought a fleece on more than one occasion if they sold them during the colder months, the woman we were talking to seemed genuinely surprised that people would want to buy them when it was cold and was going to mention it to her boss.
After coffee we went for a walk round town while the kids played on the front, we had a look at the local art display and went to the Café to take some bits out of the freezer ready for tomorrow before heading home for lunch.
After lunch Ian and the kids went for a bike ride down to Port Geographe and back, about 20km, stopping at the foreshore on the way back for the obligatory ice cream.
While Ian and the kids were cycling, Carolyn went to a meeting about school, it was organised by a Market Research company employed by the school to get an accurate overview of what parents think of the school and whether they feel it is meeting their childs needs with regard to education.
Carolyn thought that it was very interesting and a bit of an eye opener, listening to what other people expect from the education system and where they feel it is achieving and failing.
She did note that more than one parent that attended the meeting worked for another school, so Cornerstone School can’t be that bad.
This evening we all watched an old version of War of the Worlds, we had hoped it was the version that told the story of the radio play that caused chaos when it was first played, but it wasn’t, it was just another old version, the kids enjoyed it and it was easy viewing for us.
We had Pizza for dinner tonight, we decided to give Dominos Pizza another chance to impress, and surprise surprise they did.
Dominos Pizza in Busselton is up for sale at the moment and we reckon that either the Franchisee is working there to improve its reputation, or Dominos head office have put a relief manager in there until a new franchisor can be found.
Whatever it is, it has worked, the pizza was the best we have had from one of the big pizza companies and we will definitely be giving them another go.
While eating pizza, we all watched Mission Impossible, the Tom Cruise version which the kids thought was quite good fun.
We had an early night.


Ganeida said...

Pizza is very hit & miss on this coast. Liddy makes the best ones so if we feel the urge for pizza we hassle her.

The HoJo's said...

Funnily enough I bought a recipe book on this subject around Christmas, I suspect it is on the shelf unread right now. Doh