Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mission Impossible

Monday 6th July 2009
The Café was busy today, the weather was a bit iffy and the tourists were out in force looking for somewhere to pass the time away.
Carolyn and the kids started the first day of the school holidays cleaning the kids bedrooms, the kids weren’t totally impressed with this turn of events, but as it was raining they couldn’t do anything outside and Carolyn wasn’t going to let them play inside until their rooms were tidy.
Marisa went out for the rest of the day with her friend who happens to be a boy, they went round to his house to play his Guitar Hero.
Carolyn and the boys came to the Café in the afternoon, we were still busy so Carolyn helped out while the boys took themselves down to the foreshore for an ice cream.
In the evening we all sat down together and watched Mission Impossible, the Tom Cruise version, it’s pretty naff as far as super exciting espionage films go, but the kids enjoyed it.


Vic said...

It sounds like Carolyn's good at tidying - perhaps you could come over and do my entire house?

The HoJo's said...

I think my travelling expenses get me out of that one :o)