Saturday, July 18, 2009

Plain Sailing

Thursday 2nd July 2009
Another very average day at the Café today, there weren’t even many pensioners around today, although there are a few tourists starting to appear.
The kids are looking forward to the school holidays, it is their last day at school tomorrow and they have two and a half weeks off.
We have tried to load up with staff for the holidays so that Carolyn will not have to come into work, for the first week we will be relying on nobody going sick as we have a few on holiday but after that it should be plain sailing.

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Ganeida said...

Love the way Oz staggers all the school hols. We've been back for a week but a really good start, even with adding math back in to our mix. Ditz had her supervisor going, telling her she'd seriously considered *losing* the new math! lol But I have it safe'n'sound & all's good. Hope you get good weather for yours; ours was terrible.