Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Foxtel Thingamajig

Friday 10th July 2009
The day was pretty much a rerun of yesterday really, the kids and Marisas friend who happens to be a boy, all went down to Yoganup for the morning before coming back to the Café for lunch and then going home when Carolyn finished work.
Another episode of Torchwood has appeared on our super duper Foxtel thingamajig, what a clever machine that is.
We watched this episode and it does appear to be part of a series, it wasn’t bad, but not good, but we wait in nervous anticipation for the next episode before we start slagging it off, although some if the props did look like they might have been borrowed from the early Doctor Who props department, they were a bit wobbly

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Elena said...

i've always wondered how to spell thingamajig...

ps. had a donut today, after YONKERS i hadnt had one. so disappointing, it really made me appreciate the ones the chapel makes ;) eheh life is tough xx