Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mums and Kids

Thursday 9th July 2009
This school holiday is looking like it is going to be good news for us in the Café, there are loads of tourists, admittedly the majority of them seem to be mums and kids sent away for the holiday while dad stays at home and works to pay for it, but they all count.
The only downside is, with all these stressed out mums having to deal with lively young offspring, there tends to be a lot of mess by the time they leave.
Being true professionals, we smile sweetly, tell them we can’t wait for them to come back again, reverse the bin lorry in, load it up with all the debris they have left and start again like nothing had ever happened, Bless’em.
Carolyn was working at the Café again today, so the kids and Marisas friend who happens to be a boy all went down to Yoganup Park to play, they did manage to find their way back for lunch and then Carolyn took them home when she finished at 2pm.
This evening we watched another Torchwood episode, it appears to be a one off about nasty Fairies but we have clicked on the button on Foxtel that tapes anything to do with whatever programme you are interested in, so hopefully it should record some series of Torchwood in the near future.


Vic said...

It sounds a bit like letting the kids loose on their own at home for the day!

Ganeida said...

Glad you are having profitable holidays. ☺ Our weather is now improving. We should be on hols now. Trust QLD to get it wrong!