Friday, June 19, 2009

Wyndham Resort

Sunday 14th June 2009
We got up earlyish this morning, it’s Ians birthday tomorrow and Carolyn had booked a table for the five of us at Toby’s Restaurant in the Wyndham Resort on the way to Dunsborough, for breakfast.
We arrived there at exactly 9.30am which was the time Carolyn had booked the table for, we walked through to the restaurant and were met by a waitress who showed us out to a table on the patio.
Admittedly the sun was shining, but the wind was cold and those people who were out there were wearing their winter coats.
Carolyn pointed out to the waitress that she had booked a table for five in the restaurant and we were not going to sit outside in the cold.
The waitress apologised for the mishap saying “but we had a big group come in unexpected so we gave your table away” needless to say we weren’t impressed, why bother taking bookings if they aren’t going to honour them.
The waitress said that she would try and organise something for us and asked us to wait in the lounge, but the place was packed, they were running out of things and after about ten minutes Carolyn let them know we weren’t happy and that we were leaving.
We then drove to Dunsborough where we had a good breakfast at ArtiZEN Café, it was almost like they were waiting for us, the only table available when we got there was a table for five.
After breakfast we went for a drive back towards Busselton but via a Nursery, they had some quite interesting, reasonably priced as well as massively over priced bits and pieces there and if we ever get the time to do up the garden we’ll go back there for some ideas.
We decided to take the long road from the Nursery back to home, down the country lanes, as we drove along we came across a field with a herd of Kangaroos in it, there were hundreds of them and we didn’t have a camera with us.
When we got home we picked up the new Microwave that we bought on Thursday and took it into work, it was a bit of a tight fit getting it on the shelf but it got there in the end.
From the Café we went to the foreshore fore a coffee and read of the papers, we had just sat down when the heavens opened so we drank up and went home again.
This afternoon we decided to have the ultimate family, dossy afternoon and sat in front of the telly watching films all afternoon.
We watched Jurassic Park III and Godzilla, the kids had total leisure time with us while watching films of their choice and loved every minute of it.
This evening after the kids had gone to bed we watched a couple of episodes of Shameless, not a show for the easily offended it has to be said but in some of the less salubrious parts of Manchester it is probably fairly close to home.


Anonymous said...

Actually "Shameless" is not that close to home for most Mancunians.

From your previous comment and the prejudice that you put out there, I doubt thay you've ever visited this city. As a Cambridge graduate and a proud Mancuninian I would say that this sort of comment is ignorant. Maybe the football team should sort it out.

The HoJo's said...

okaaaaay.... I was tempted not to bother posting the comment above, because, seriously? you took offence??? at what specifically.

I quote "some of the less salubrious parts of" that would mean some of the less nice, as in not a lot of, ok?
you say "Actually "Shameless" is not that close to home for most Mancunians." note the MOST I didn't say most, you did, so you aren't actually arguing with me you are starting your own agenda on my blog. If it isn't that close to home for most then surely you are agreeing that for "some" it must be, just as it is in other cities I have lived in or near such as London or Bristol.
Not sure why you feel the need to mention your degree? perhaps you think we aren't aware that people from Manchester have degrees from good Universities? surely not, for that would be prejudicial.