Sunday, June 21, 2009

50 Not Out

Monday 15th June 2009
Ian didn’t get up any earlier than usual because he thought that we would do the birthday thing after work, Carolyn and the kids had other ideas and he ended up getting into work late, having opened his cards and pressies.
It was a weird day at the Café today, we are short staffed for the next three days so it felt busier than it was, but it was a quiet one really.
Carolyn stuck a notice on the counter announcing Ians birthday so he stayed in the kitchen until the afternoon when the sign was removed, Ian doesn’t really do birthdays and doesn’t like a fuss, specially from people who aren’t family who if it hadn’t been announced, would have been none the wiser.
He did get a couple of presents from a couple of customers, the old dears do like to make a fuss of him bless em.
Kristian went to Cubs this evening and had his investiture, when he came home with his new neckerchief he was so excited, he even made Carolyn do the Cub handshake a few times while taking a photo of it which Carolyn will no doubt post at some point.
After the kids had gone to bed we watched another episode of Shameless before having an early night.


Ganeida said...

Well, I was 50 not out last year so Ian's in good company ~ MINE! lol. I dunno. I think it's nice when you work in a public forum when the customers want to participate in things like birthdays. They sorta think they have dibs on you anyway & it's a way to show they care & appreciate you. OK, so you'd rather they just bougth a cake with their coffee & upped you intake for the day but most people's heads don't work that way.


Vic said...

Happy birthday Ian!

The HoJo's said...

Ian says thank you ladies :o) in a shy and almost grumpy fashion ;o)