Monday, June 22, 2009

Leaking Light Fittings

Tuesday 16th June 2009
Ian didn’t sleep well last night and was up early this morning, so rather than toss and turn for hours he got up and went to work early.
It is so much less stressful starting work early, Ian can get so much done before opening without any interruptions, if only it didn’t involve having to wake and get up early in the morning it would be a great thing to do every day.
It was a very slow start to the day, but by about 10am when the weather had started to take a turn for the worse, the people were starting to come out to play.
We have another water leak at the Café, at about 4.30pm Ian noticed that rainwater was coming through one of the light fittings, it is the same light fitting as last time.
Ian had let the owners of the centre know about it last week when it happened for the first time, and when the centre manager came round last Friday he pointed it out to him again.
So when it happened again this afternoon, Carolyn rang the centre manager to let him know and he just said I’m going to see someone about it later in the week. Better hope we haven’t drowned by then, then.
Kristian went round his best friends house after school again today, he must have had a good time because he came home he couldn’t wait to tell us in true Kristian gibberish about this new game that he and his mate have made up.
The game appeared to consist mainly of talking nonsense, making funny shapes with their hands and bouncing off walls, the other boys mum must have been glad to bring him home.
This evening Fraser and Marisa went to Scouts, they were going for a walk by torchlight through the reserve in the hope of seeing some wildlife, alas all the wildlife were tucked up in the warm out of the wind and rain wondering what these idiots were doing wandering around in the dark, getting soaked by the rain, when they had a perfectly good, warm, dry hut that they could have been sheltering in.
Carolyn went to a Scout Parent meeting this evening, they only meet for an hour every month and it is not long enough to get as much as they want to get done.
Ian fired off an email this evening to Toby’s Restaurant at Wyndham Resort Dunsborough, letting them know that we weren’t happy with the way we were treated when we turned up there on Sunday for Ians birthday breakfast.

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Little Nut Tree Blog said...

I'm glad he complained about the breakfast reservation - hopefully you'll get a goodwill gesture out of it! :)