Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Quick Reply

Wednesday 17th June 2009
We were still short staffed today with two away so it felt busy again, running around like blue ar*e flies does get on your nerves a bit, but at least we’re saving on wages and we are back up to full compliment again tomorrow.
Marisa had to go to the Dentist this morning, she has been complaining about toothache for a couple of days now, it has affected her sleep and is showing no sign of abating.
It turned out that one of the teeth the she had had filled previously, had split in two and become infected so the Dentist patched it up for her and is going to contact the Orthodontist to see if they will be happy for it to be pulled out.
We received an email back from Toby’s restaurant, they replied to it within a couple of hours of us sending ours, but we didn’t see it until today because we don’t stay up that late.
It was an excellent email, very apologetic, they said they could remember Carolyn making the booking because she had been so specific about what she wanted and admitted that despite the fact that they were busy, there was no excuse for taking our table.
They have offered us a voucher towards another meal there and we have accepted, we are going there for dinner on Saturday.
Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t taking them up on their offer because of the voucher, we have been offered vouchers in the past by other institutions and not used them, we are taking them up on their offer because of the professional way in which they have dealt with the situation, both prompt and courteous.
The kids had just gone to bed this evening, when Fraser came out of his bedroom to let us know that he could hear water dripping onto his ceiling, we have got gale force winds and torrential rain tonight.
Ian opened the loft hatch or manhole cover as they call it over here, located the leak and then got Carolyn to climb up there and put a bucket under the offending leak.
Ian would have climbed up there himself had it not been raining so hard and the step ladder had not been out in the shed, you see the only other alternative was to stand on a stool, stand on someone’s shoulders and climb through the hole.
Ian didn’t think that Carolyn would appreciate him standing on her shoulders and being a gentleman, felt that the honourable thing to do would be to let her stand on him.
Anyway, it turns out that one of the tiles has been cracked in half, presumably by some dodgy overweight tradie who has been paid good money to fix something else.
After putting the bucket under the leak and getting the kids back into bed, we watched another episode of Shameless before going to bed.


urbanvox said...

THAT sounds like one of these days... :)

The HoJo's said...

yeh, living the dream eh? how are things at yours? xc