Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crocodile Keith to the Rescue

Thursday 18th June 2009
It was an average day at the Café today, we were up to full strength and Michelle was back from her holidays, so it was just as well that we weren’t busy as it might have interfered with the chatting in the kitchen.
The weather has been pretty horrendous on and off, fortunately Carolyn managed to get Crocodile Keith from over the road to come over and replace the broken tiles we had.
He loves being up in the air, trees, roofs, you name it he’ll go up there, there were seven broken tiles in the end so most of our back up stock has been used and we’ll have to go and find some more.
He was on the roof for about two hours in the end, so we bought him some flowers and a box of chocolates as well as letting him have the top off our old wood burner flue which he wanted to buy.
When the rain started again this evening there appeared to be no more leaks, let’s hope so because Crocodile and his Mrs are off doing the grey nomad bit in a couple of weeks so we won’t see them for a couple of months.

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