Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching Up On The Gossip

Friday 19th June 2009
Another average day at the Café today, but at least it gave the girls plenty of time to catch up on what’s been happening for the last two and a half weeks while Michelle was away.
Marisa had to see the Dentist again today, he was happy with the repair and confirmed that he is going to contact the Orthodontist.
Marisas friend who happens to be a boy, went to Freaky Friday with her and the boys this evening, his mum dropped them all off at the pool, Carolyn picked them up and dropped him off home on the way back here.
While they were at Freaky Friday, we went to El Gringo for a Mexican meal, the food wasn’t as good as last time and the service was pretty dire, we think they had some new staff working tonight.
We had an early night.


Ganeida said...

Reading away but life is a little fraught at this end. I hate end of terms ~ at least until I get past the *pack up the required assignments & post them off* part. Nearly there now.

The HoJo's said...

Good to have you back :oD