Thursday, June 18, 2009

Duff Donuts

Saturday 13th June 2009
Saturday is normally the quietest day of the week, today we were two staff short to start with because one of them went sick and the other one was Carolyn, who had to wait for the builder.
Needless to say, for the first time since we have been here, today was the busiest day of the week and Ian working with 4 juniors who have no idea of organisation or prioritisation was always going to be stressful.
The final straw came when a lady came to the counter with a plate of gooey mess that was supposed to be Donuts and asked Ian to make some more because this was the second time she had brought them back for the same reason, the Donuts flew across the kitchen as Ian went into one, probably the first time he has truly lost his rag since we have been here.
The juniors deserved it, some of them have been with us nearly a year and should know better by now, for them to get the only person in the kitchen who doesn’t know how to cook Donuts but is willing to try, to cook Donuts unsupervised deserved a bollocking.
Carolyn came into work as soon as the builder had finished and calmed it down a bit and give them their due they did well overall, but Ian seeks perfection or as close as you can get and for the same mistake to be made twice with the same customer is unforgivable, apart from anything else Ian finds it embarrassing to have to apologise for staff who should know better and as he had to give them their money back as well as cook some decent Donuts for them, just added insult to injury.
After work we went for a walk along the beach and found Stilts open, they didn’t have any draught beer, bottles only and they are only open Friday and Saturday evenings, so we didn’t stay.
We carried on walking down to Abbey resort where last time we went there, they told us the kids were allowed in the bar.
We walked into the back bar at Abbey and were told that the kids are not allowed in there, so they had to sit in the main lounge area while we sat in the bar.
Not a problem really as we could keep an eye on them and they had their scooters and things with them, so they could go and play if they wanted.
We had a couple of drinks there, but the place is like a barn, cold and totally lacking in atmosphere, so we went home.
When we got home we watched the film Jurassic Park The Lost World, the kids love these films and they are great family entertainment.
We had an early night.


Vic said...

And this is why I advised the husband that kids do not make good workers (or unwilling wives, but that's a different matter). Luckily he's found a good one, cos otherwise I could imagine we'd have quite a bit of food flying.

The HoJo's said...

trouble is out here the award wages are quite high for the profit margins we have to work within, they get extra for working on Saturdays even though it is just a regular working day in this trade ho hum!