Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UK Wii Up and Running

Friday 5th June 2009
It was a fairly busy day in the Café today at least until lunchtime, after that it died dramatically and Ian took the opportunity to close early so that he could wave Fraser and Marisa off on their Scout Camp.
The Scout Camp is part of a competition with other Scout Troops and we don’t suppose for a minute that our troop will do well, the kids wouldn’t know how to work together if their lives depended on it, still they’ll probably have a good time.
We supplied Spaghetti Bolognaise and Muffins for the Scouts as our donation towards the feed the hoards appeal, we made quite a bit, so we know they won’t come back starving.
Kristian managed to get the UK Wii up and running, none of the kids had been able to work out how to get it going again for about a year now.
Obviously there must have been a game on it that isn’t on the Oz version that Kristian must have been good at and he was missing it, this afternoon he had got it worked out in his head what the problem was, he talked Ian through it and between them they got it working.


grandad hojo said...

Well done Kristian. I am just keeping a list of computer queries for the next time that Uncle Chris is here.

Lost in Cov said...

I remember when we set that up at the pub. I encouraged the kids to use their creativity and create characters of us all - unfortunately they got a bit too creative and the characters for both Carolyn and I ended up with beards at one point!!