Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Thursday 4th June 2009
Ian had to be in work early this morning to see in a delivery, Carolyn couldn’t sleep last night due to her deli belly, so it was an early start for both of us, the good part being that Ian got a cup of tea when he woke up and another before he headed off to work.
One of the staff called in sick this morning which meant that we were two light today and expecting to get hammered as it’s pension day, in the end it did us a favour, it was quiet and we would have been standing around for most of lunchtime if she had come in.
Marisa played Football, Real Football, for the school in what they term over here as a Carnival, but what the rest of the world would call a tournament.
She was so exited when Carolyn picked her up from school, they had played five matches and won them all, including one against a team who had a name for being unbeatable. They (the team) now want her to play for the school team on a regular basis, that means playing on a Saturday and we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that we could take her, so unless somebody comes forward and offers to give her a lift on Saturday mornings, it’s not going to happen.
After the kids had gone to bed, Carolyn did her paperwork while Ian watched the film, The Great Train Robbery with Donald Sutherland and Sean Connery, apparently it is about the First ever Train Robbery, it was quite good and easy to watch.

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