Monday, June 8, 2009


Wednesday 3rd June 2009
It was busy in the Café again this morning, the afternoon was quiet though so it made for a fairly average day.
The weather has been very hit and miss today, most of the morning it was missing and we had doubts as to whether the gas fitter would turn up.
Fortunately this afternoon it brightened up enough for him to start work, by the time it started raining he was beyond the point of no return and had to finish the job, we now have a new heater and very nice it is too.
This evening after the kids went to bed, we treated ourselves to Chinese from Jade in Busselton, we shouldn’t have bothered, we have come unstuck there too many times.
The only reason we went there was because Ians Chinese of choice, Friendo on Broadwater resort was closed, presumably for holidays for the next three weeks.
We don’t know what Jade manage to do to their food, apart from make it really greasy, but we have had the same symptoms after eating there more often than not, Ian gets bloated, Carolyn feels sick, Ian reckons that anything they fry tastes like Fish and Chips and overall it is not generally a good experience.
We then watched Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood, we got the DVD a day before its official release over here after Ian went to the video shop and found that they were renting it out a day early because their copies got delivered today, were getting in the way and they had nowhere to store them.
Carolyn didn’t think much of the film while Ian thought it wasn’t too bad, he reckons that this is Clints swan song, his farewell to the masses, a last few bob in the retirement fund and time to ride off into the sunset, from whence he came.
Let’s face it, there can’t be too many parts around that require someone that wrinkly who isn’t already dead, admittedly he was the Producer and Director of this one so it would have been fairly easy for him to have a word in the right ear, but there’s only so many time the money men are going to put up with him talking to himself.

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Ganeida said...

I haven't seen a Clint film I've liked yet but I don't think much of his views on America's gun laws either. Our weather has been shocking all week. Nice today but we got a real peasouper going into town last week. Not quite the dirty yellowy stuff London is renowned for but thick enough to close the airport & Ditz was sign spotting while I drove through it. Yucky. Rambling. Too much reality, not enough bloggity.