Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10.5 Apocalypse

Saturday 6th June 2009
The café was deadly quiet this morning until about 10.30am, that gave us a chance to clean out all the fridges and shelves, all the stuff that the older midweek staff don’t like doing.
Just after 10.30am Carolyn turned up and for about an hour it just went a bit mad, all of a sudden we were flavour of the month, by about 1pm though we were dead again and set about closing early.
We managed to finish all of our cleaning duties by about 3pm and were looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon with only one child to keep amused, as it turned out he kept himself amused on the computer and we fell asleep for a couple of hours.
With not much to do and nowhere to go this evening we scanned the Foxtel TV pages and found a film to watch, it was 10.5 Apocalypse.
Ian had seen the film on the New Release shelf in the video store recently and the storyline on the back of the packet made it sound quite interesting, he had never got round to renting it though.
What a load of garbage, there was lots of bad acting, the sets were as modern and convincing as the sets the BBC used to use on Doctor Who 30 years ago, the walls wobbled the same way, the tin foil fluttered around in the breeze the same way and the concrete girders, which under normal circumstances would squash someone, bounced off the actors like pieces of polystyrene.
We taped it anyway, it is full of action and the kids won’t notice polystyrene, so they can watch it one evening when we have got something else to do.

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