Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beverly Hills Cop

Sunday 7th June 2009
We went to the market at Yoganup down by the foreshore this morning, it’s been a few weeks now since we last had a wander round the market on a Sunday morning.
There were quite a lot of stalls there this morning and a lot of people, we met and had a chat with a few people that we know through work as we walked round, it’s about time we did start to see people we recognise, we serve enough during the course of the week.
We were starting to wonder if all of our customers were people from outside Busselton who only come in to town for a coffee during the week and don’t come into town at the weekend in case there’s a chance they might meet us socially.
After the market we went to the front for a coffee while Kristian played on his scooter, we then went for a walk round town for something to do before heading home for lunch.
We had a relaxing afternoon just dossing round the house while waiting for 4.30pm, when we had to go and pick up Fraser and Marisa from their Scout Camp.
We arrived at the Scout hut at 4.30pm, needless to say there were no Scouts in sight, so we decided to go for a walk along the beach while we waited for them, the area where their Scout Hut is, is called The Holy Mile, named after all the Church backed campsites there and it is probably the nicest stretch of beach near Busselton.
The Scouts got back at about 5.15pm and they were a mess, it had been raining where they were all morning and they had to pack their tents and bags in it.
They didn’t help their appearance by not having much sleep over the weekend either, they had a curfew which meant lights out at 11pm, so that’s when the talking in the dark started, and time to get up at 6.30am, which was when they all wanted to sleep, when Marisa got out of the car she looked like she was sleep walking she was so exhausted.
Because they had packed in the rain, the tents were still saturated and needed to be dried asap, so we brought home a couple of bits to hang on the line and dry out, ready to be packed away at the Scout meeting on Tuesday.
This evening after dinner, the kids had their showers and went to bed nice and early, even Marisa was too tired to complain about being sent to bed early and they all slept like logs for the whole night which is a rarity, Marisa normally has to get up at least five times a night just in case she is missing something.
After the kids had gone to bed we watched Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy, it’s a bit dated now and the sense of humour required then is a bit different to most peoples sense of humour now, but it had us laughing, a good old’ish film.

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Ganeida said...

Ah, wet camps. So much fun...