Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Other Cat - Catnapped

Saturday 30th May 2009
It was an average day at the Café today although it was made a bit hectic by Carolyn having to go and pick up Silver our cat, he had been trapped last night by one of our neighbours and handed over to the Ranger.
Carolyn did manage to find out from the Ranger that the person doing this had caught three cats recently, that’s both of ours and another and that the person doing it is within sixty metres or three doors of us.
We have a rough idea who it is and are trying to think of a way of confirming it and getting the problem sorted, as it is, this time the Ranger hasn’t issued us with a fine but said that he will if it happens again, so Carolyn has decided to make the cat a house cat and not let him out.
Ian reckons we should just find out who it is and petrol bomb their house.
*Carolyn would like to point out that Ian isn’t seriously considering doing that, he is just a little more than a tad pissed off*
This afternoon after work the kids went round to their mates road where they could hang out and Rip Board to their hearts content, we went for a walk along the beach.
We walked down towards Stilts which went Bankrupt about three weeks ago, that is about a month after we stopped going there. Hopefully it wasn’t our fault entirely, it was an accident waiting to happen, the guy who ran it may have been an alcoholic who had no idea of stock, staff or people management.
It’s weird that it has been closed for so long, it is attached to a Resort who obviously own the building, so you would have thought that they would have put a relief manager in as caretaker until a new lessee is found for the business.
Back in the UK when we worked for pub companies, if ever they had a tenant or lessee that went bankrupt or had made it so that the business could not operate, they would install a relief manager within a couple of days to ensure that the business remained a viable entity, over here they either don’t seem to care or the laws relating to bankruptcy are too complex to make it worth while trying to get round it.
We had homemade Lamb Biriani for dinner tonight, we used a Tandoori curry paste so it was a bit more tasty than your average run of the mill Biriani, we thought it was lovely, the kids thought so too apart from Marisa who’s a bit of a girlie when it comes to spicy food.
After dinner we watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, we have watched this film so many times it’s untrue, but the kids love it and there don’t seem to be too many films around that are aimed at the family.
The problem we have with watching films as a family is, we don’t want the kids listening to swearing while they are viewing, by the same token we don’t want them exposed to nudity and adult themes either, god knows they’ll get enough of that as they get older so there’s no benefit to us ramming it down their throats now.
Our kids don’t particularly like watching the old films that we used to sit down and watch with our parents, but films that are made now seem to have a definite audience in mind rather than catering for the masses, it has got to the point where the kids can’t imagine it being real unless it’s a cartoon.
Why the kids think like that when they themselves obviously don’t look like cartoons is beyond us, but the film makers must be rubbing their hands with glee. Just pump out a load of computer animated garbage, get a few voiceovers and hey presto, another few million in the bank.
No stars and there tantrums to pay for and put up with, no props to pay for and most importantly, no Key Grip. Nobody has ever worked out what the Key Grip did anyway, so to get rid of him and possibly his assistant as well means less to pay out in wages and one or two less lines to read when the credits come up.
What we need is remakes of the Saint, Fireball XL5, Man from Uncle etc, brought up to date so as to appeal to us all but with the ability to keep us on the edge of our seats for the right reasons.
After the kids went to bed we watched the Christmas special of Only Fools and Horses on UKTV, (we knew we got Foxtel for a reason) it was the one where Raquels dad recognises the Harrison Fob Watch in their lockup and it gets sold at Sotherby’s for £6 Million.
Would you believe it, no swearing or nudity in it and it was on too late for the kids to watch, they probably wouldn’t understand the adult humour either and would talk all the way through it, so just as well it was on late.


Ganeida said...

What's with your neighbour & the cat? That's the 2nd time in what? A week? Man I'd be ropeable. I think Ian's on to something. ;P

Anonymous said...

Those Only Fools And Horses episodes just never get old... pure comedy genius. I read you mention the swearing and nudity thing a couple of times now. My parents kept me fairly sheltered from it all when I was a kid and in retaliation I turned out to be the most sweary, dirty minded individual with a penchant for porn. I'm fairly relaxed with Cam about it and he's very nonchalant and uninterested in hearing people swear or any kind of adult themes that come on telly. So it seemed to have the desired effect. I think if you make an effort to keep your kids away from something all you actually do is feed a bigger interest in it.

Vic said...

I'm with Ian - anyway, it's a much fairer option than making the cat a house cat!
What's the guy trapping them for anyway? Seems like craziness to me.