Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yallingup Maze

Sunday 31st May 2009
It was a stormy night last as the thunder and lightning pounded the area from about 2am to 7am, we’ve never heard thunder rumble for so long.
First we would hear a distant crash and as that one died down another would start, that would carry on until it was overhead and rattling the roof, then it would slowly move away into the distance, rumbling as it went.
From start to finish it was taking about thirty seconds to for the thunder to pass over us, in the UK we were very rarely subjected to thunder and if we did get any it would be one crash, then lightning, then it would be over, so this was a new experience for us and kept waking us up.
Because we had a restless night, we had a bit of a lie in this morning and a late Breakfast before going out to Yallingup Maze.
The Maze was pretty good, although to get to the first of the four towers that we were supposed to reach, we had to go up some steps to an overhead walkway, which gave us the opportunity to plan out our route before coming down off the walkway and defeated the object really.
It was also fairly busy which didn’t seem to bother kids or Carolyn, but Ian likes to visit Mazes when there is no one else around because he likes to check out all avenues himself and when there are people in front of you who turn a corner and immediately come back towards you, it kind of gives the game away and takes all the fun out of it for him.
After we had found our way round the Maze once, we left the kids in there to do their thing and went to a Furniture Gallery which is housed on the same piece of land, we have lots of galleries for everything in the Yallingup area, there’s more money in these parts than there is down our street.
In the Gallery there was a couple of Chairs low enough to accommodate a Dwarf, and about five very nice wooden tables which were normal height, so would not be suitable for use with the Dwarf chairs, unless the Dwarfs whom the Chairs belonged to had rather heavily padded bottoms, padded to the point where they would then be seated at the same height as somebody of average stature and we haven’t noticed many of them around this part of WA lately.
The first Table we looked at was a nice eight seater Jarrah and it did look good, that was $13,000 without the Chairs and presumably the normal height Chairs would be more expensive than the Dwarf height ones, which incidentally didn’t have a price on them.
The second Table we looked at was $25,000 without Chairs, Ian was tempted to put an offer in on it, but it had a sold sticker on it and Carolyn wasn’t convinced that they would accept an offer of $24,000 below the asking price, so he didn’t bother.
We then went and had a coffee in the Café area outside the Maze while the kids did their thing, it wasn’t a bad coffee when they eventually got the order right, but it did take two attempts plus Ian had to get his Flat white topped up after he had scraped the inch of froth off the top of the coffee.
After the kids had finished playing we drove to a place that advertises itself as the Aboriginal Experience, after driving for several miles down country lanes, we got there only to find that it was an Aboriginal Non Experience, bearing in mind this is the last public holiday weekend before next summer and there are loads of tourists around, it was closed. We will take this one no further
From there we went to the Shearing Shed, a sheep farm/shop, we didn’t stay long or buy anything because the battleaxe behind the counter was extremely rude in the way she told Fraser to put a hat that he had been trying on, back on the shelf.
From there we went to Simmo’s in Dunsborough with the intention of grabbing something light to eat, we only wanted a Panini just to tick us over until tonight but they had run out, so we went home and had a sandwich instead.
The kids went down the road to see their mates, while Carolyn did the ironing and Ian set about working on a new Menu for the Café.
After dinner we all sat down and watched Jumanji, now there’s an example of a good action fun movie without any swearing or nudity, it just goes to show it can be done.

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The Yallingup hotel is a good spot and the gardens are least they were fifteen years ago.