Sunday, May 31, 2009

Conversion Kit Arrives - Late

Friday 29th May 2009
Today started very quietly at the Café, this was just as well because we had loads of orders delivered today that needed putting straight away, it was one of those times when the stock of virtually everything we sell had got low at the same time.
The Café picked up by about 10am and we were busy right the way through until about 1.30pm, then it died and the afternoon was pretty quiet.
The gas conversion kit arrived today, Carolyn picked up the fire and all the extras and brought it home ready for the gas fitter next week. Unfortunately it arrived too late for us to be able to get the gas fitter in today.
The kids all went to Freaky Friday this evening, Carolyn had a car full as she ended up taking all their friends from down the road as well.
After Carolyn brought the kids back from freaky Friday and we’d put them to bed, we watched The Lost Boys, one of Carolyns favourites from her youth.
Apparently The Lost Boys is the only film Carolyn has paid to see twice at the cinema, Ian thought it was OK as far as vampire movies go, vaguely amusing if a bit weird, Carolyn still thought it was great and sat there giggling like a schoolgirl most of the way through it.

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jennifer said...

"People are strange"...*grin*