Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Tin Man

Saturday 23rd May 2009
The Café was very quiet today, fortunately we were short staffed compared to normal Saturdays, so at least we saved a couple of bob on the wages front.
Marisa went round to her boy friends house this morning and he took her to the cinema to see Night in the Museum 2, Carolyn sent the boys along as well, not with Marisa you understand, they just all happened to be going to see the same film. If her mum does that too often, it won’t take long for Marisa to hate the sight of her brothers more than she does already.
At 2pm Fraser, Marisa and her boy friend joined the rest of the Scouts and went out collecting money door to door for the Busselton branch of the Salvation Army (Salvos), apparently they didn’t manage to raise very much because the roads that they were given to collect from consisted mainly of residents that were likely to benefit from the collection rather than put into it.
In the evening one of our Saturday girls came round to babysit the kids, Marisa has been desperate to watch a film called The Tin Man, a different version of Wizard of Oz, she loves the film and got a copy of it for her birthday a couple of weeks ago but has yet to see it. The problem with the film is that it is over 4 hours long and we very rarely get a straight 4 hours where we could all sit down together and watch it, the babysitter had never seen it, so we left them with a packet of biscuits and went out for almost exactly just over 4 hours.
We went to the cinema and watched the film Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks, we thought it was supposed to be a prequel, but they kept talking about how he had upset the Catholic Church in the past, so then we thought that it must be a sequel, but then it would appear that in his part he had written several books about all this sort of thing, which may or may not have upset the Catholic Church at any point where a film was not being made so it was not up for public record, so we don’t know whether it is a prequel or a sequel, but it is quite good.
Carolyn thought that it was really good where as Ian thought that it was OK, the one thing we did notice though, is that if it is supposed to be a prequel they have stuffed up big time, Tom Hanks looks about 20 years older than he did in the Da Vinci Code.
Unless of course, after becoming such a hero in Angels and Demons, he sold loads of books, made loads of wonga and had a face and body lift, then turned up to investigate the Da Vinci Code looking like a new man.
After the cinema we went to the Ship Pub for a beer, went to walk into the main bar and decided against it just in case we met one of our kids in there and had to tell them off in front of their mates, suffice to say we felt that perhaps we were a slightly different age group from the rest of the customers there.
We decided to go and sit in the quiet bar instead, just like old people do, and within a couple of minutes had a pair of smelly, drunken oiks leaning on the bar next to us F’ing and Blind’ing to their hearts content.
We tried to ignore them, but couldn’t help but listen in when they asked the barmaid how much a jug consisting of twelve shots of Jack Daniels and coke would cost, the barmaid told them that it would be eighty six dollars, so they said they would have one. The guy who ordered it staggered off to the ATM to get the funds and when he returned with the money, the barmaid poured it.
That was pretty much the last we heard of those two, we just sat there watching in amazement as they were being served this concoction when they were already totally out of it and in a country where the licensing laws are supposed to be so strict, that to serve a drunk you will be hung drawn and quartered.
The drunk on the other hand can finish his drink, jump in his car, run someone over and kill them and get banned from driving until he is sober enough to pick his car up the next morning.
That is of course unless he needs it earlier to get to work, in which case he can get an exemption certificate and drive off immediately as long as he notifies the police if he runs someone else over on the way, just so that they know where to clean up the mess afterwards you understand.
We didn’t stay at the Ship for long and tried the Vasse instead, it was dead, although just as we were about to leave, a group of the younger than us people who were in the bar at the Ship came in.
They obviously thought that we looked like the cool hip types that would know where all the cool, hip, trendy places to go are. We do know, we just weren’t letting on.
From there we went home, and just by coincidence arrived just as the film was finishing, Kristian was fast asleep but the other three were still watching it and the babysitter even said she had enjoyed it, Marisa will invite her round again.
Carolyn took the babysitter home and we went to bed.

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