Tuesday, May 26, 2009

El Gringo's

Friday 22nd May 2009
The kids had a Free Dress Day today, so that cost us a few bob, the money this time is to raise funds for a school missionary trip to Russia so they also had Russian food at lunchtime, that is to say it was the West Australian version of Russian food, they all seemed to like it.
There was still plenty of wind around today although not quite as much rain which was good, the shopping centre had a few more leaks today but they were small and didn’t affect us.
The funny thing about the leaks today was, they were coming out of the Air Conditioning Ducts, quite ironic really after yesterday. They were only minor and would probably stop when the wind changed direction, so they didn’t get rung through to the centre management.
It was a busy lunch time today, we had a new part time girl start today to cover lunch and late afternoons so she got a busy start, the rest of the day was pretty quiet really.
In the evening the kids went to Freaky Friday and we went to the local Mexican Restaurant, it has taken us over a year to get round to going there because it looks really naff and whoever drew up their take away menu needs shooting, writing about Bum Burners in a menu would not, we envisage, be found to be an attraction to most punters.
With nervous anticipation we entered ”El Gringo’s”, the d├ęcor leaves a bit to be desired, the menu is short and sweet and the waitresses are very loud and not very good at pronouncing Mexican dishes in a Mexican accent, but they are very good at doing it in a West Australian accent, so that’s alright.
The food was very good, Ian had Fajitas (Fah Hee Tars), they were tasty but needed just an extra couple of chicken strips to satisfactorily fill the last Tortilla.
Carolyn had an Enchilada, a Tortilla wrapped round whatever filling you choose, covered with Cheese and Salsa and baked in the oven, it was served with Rice and Frijole (mashed up kidney beans), the Frijole was probably the worst part of the meal but is obviously Busseltons version of Re-Fried Beans.
We would recommend it, but nobody asked us about it, we will however be going back there again and the kids have announced that they want to go to, maybe next time someone poos in the pool.


Ganeida said...

Are you anticipating such an occassion? That pool is taking casualness to new extremes.

Vic said...

Maybe the free dress day should be raising money for the reconstruction of Busselton. Sounds like you need it after the storms.

The HoJo's said...

Ganeida, we just go with the flow ..... ;o)

Vic, you could be onto something there :o)