Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ngilgi Cave

Sunday 24th May 2009
We had a nice long lie in this morning, we think it probably had something to do with working for two weeks without a break, we did the Sausage Sizzle last week.
We had an entrance ticket to Ngilgi Cave which we got as part of our Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse trip and hadn’t used, it was a nice day so we went to have a look at the caves.
Ngilgi cave is probably the best cave we have seen down this coast so far, it is not as big as some of the others but it is pretty spectacular and Jewel Cave which we saw when Carolyns Dad was here, is nothing compared to Jewel Casket in Ngilgi Cave.
It took us about an hour to walk through the cave, it was only semi guided so we got taken into the entrance, told a bit about it and then left to our own devices, we could have stayed down there all day if we had wanted, we would definitely recommend this one.
When we came out of the cave we had a very nice cup of coffee from the Café there before moving on to Yallingup in search of some lunch.
There is a place in Yallingup that has been doing loads of advertising lately, we have never noticed it before so maybe it is a new venture, but we had read a couple of good write ups on it and decided to give it a go.
Cheffy’s is its name, it is right next to the car park, which in turn is right next to the beach where all the surfer dudes hang out.
Considering it is in what is perceived to be an exclusive area the prices were very reasonable, two of the kids had Pasta, Fraser had a Chicken Burger and Chips, Ian had a Lamb Kofte Burger and Chips and Carolyn had Chilli Mussels, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and will be going back again sometime.
After lunch we went home, the kids cleaned the rabbits and did their homework before a quick shower, some tea and off to bed for an early night.
We had a Chinese take away from Jade in Busselton, it was a bit less than average and reminded us why we hadn’t been there for a while.
Then we watched the Keanu Reeves film The Day The Earth Stood Still, we have recently been talking about how good the Keanu Reeves films always are, we are now reassessing the situation, it was complete and utter tripe and is not likely to win him any awards.

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Vic said...

I still haven't gotten round to seeing that one. Maybe I won't now. Perhaps you should restyle to blog to HoJos review movies! lol