Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dead as a Dodo

Monday 25th May 2009
The Café was as dead as a Dodo today, there just didn’t seem to be anyone around wanting a cup of coffee, the whole centre suffered apart from Coles supermarket apparently.
Fraser got the result of his latest Science test today and managed to get 71% which we are really impressed with, he works so hard getting ready for these tests, it’s great to see him being rewarded for it.
Marisa seems to be flavour of the month in her class, her teacher told Carolyn that she is an asset to the school and a pleasure to teach in class, always working hard, always happy and keeping out of trouble, she makes turning up for work worthwhile apparently.
Another one of her teachers commented that she is a good footballer and has got a fairly hefty kick on her, let’s hope it’s real football and not Aerial Ping Pong.
Kristian had a friend round after school, it was the same friend that he meets up with on his computer games after school, this time because they were in the same room, the friend was able to show him first hand all the benefits of his parents paying a monthly fee to be in the club, which has renewed Kristians interest in signing up for it.
We are not going to part with money every month so that he can collect a couple of different things on his page that would involve him having to spend even more time on the computer keeping them alive than he already does.
Kristian went to Cubs this evening, the first time he has been for a few weeks for one reason or another, he was really happy when he got home, he is going to be invested in two weeks time.
After the kids had gone to bed we watched Bourne Identity with Matt Damon, we’ve watched it several times now and it is still just as good as it was the first time.


Ganeida said...

Aw. Such sweet little bugs making their momma's heart proud! Well done to the kids on their various achievements.

Little Nut Tree Blog said...

WOW!! I can't believe you know Matt Damon!!! I am so jealous!


The HoJo's said...

Ganeida, it has been a good week, yes :o)

Nutter! nuff said ;o) we go way back!