Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Phone Booth

Thursday 30th April 2009
It was a very busy day in the Café today, a combination of pensioners, tourists and the stressed out mums who didn’t come out yesterday.
We have a Bakery opening up next door to us tomorrow, the whole centre is against it because everything that they are going to do is already being done by the rest of us, but the owners are obviously only interested in the rent or they would have looked at the bigger picture and seen the potential for something different which would have attracted new custom to the centre.
The whole town has been covered in smoke all afternoon, it would appear that a land owner somewhere between Busselton and Bunbury was having a burn off and it got out of hand, turned into a bush fire and made everywhere and everything stink like a bonfire.
After school, Carolyn spent the best part of a couple of hours helping Fraser revise for a Science Test that he has got to do tomorrow, the problem is that while he soaks up information no problem at all, when he is under pressure his recall is virtually non existent, somehow we have got to teach him how to relax in these situations.
In the evening we watched the film Phone Booth, it was never a film that had particularly caught our imagination so we had never gone out of our way to see it. Now we have got it as part of a box set with two other films so it seemed daft not to watch it, it was a very clever film, not the sort of film that we will watch on a regular basis but good nonetheless.


Ganeida said...

When you find out how to get a child to relax enough to do exams under pressure let us know. Ditz, who will get up on stage & perform for thousands, will not do any more music exams after the first lot. She has become a puddle about them. At present I'm letting it go but that can't go on indefinitely...though we don't do any sort of tests for school so that is definitely a blessing.

The HoJo's said...

I found the only way to relax is to concentrate on doing their best. Not worrying about passing.
Not much help but it's all I have :o)