Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Par 3 Golf

Tuesday 28th April 2009
It was a busy day at the Café today, we hadn’t expected it because it is the last day of the school holidays and we assumed that most parents would be getting organised for tomorrow and their return to school, also most of the tourists have gone home.
Fraser and Marisa went to the Par 3 Golf Course with the Scouts this afternoon, they decided that it would be much more fun than the usual meeting tonight, also it was a farewell gesture to one of the older boys who is leaving Scouts presumably to become a Venture Scout.
In the evening we watched the film Usual Suspects with loads of famous people in it, none of whom’s names I can remember at the moment, but trust me, they’re famous and it was a good film.

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Anonymous said...

I envision this cafe to be like the one on Neighbours when I used to watch it years ago.