Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe in the water

Friday 1st May 2009
It was a good start to the month at the Café today, we were very busy, probably something to do with the number of athletes and tourists in town for the Busselton Half Iron Man which takes place tomorrow.
The Half Iron Man is quite a major event down here, competitors Swim 1.9km, Cycle 90km and then run a Half Marathon, so it’s quite a challenge.
Ian was hoping to take part in it this year, but he couldn’t get the staff cover for the Café on a Saturday, maybe they’ll do it on a Sunday next year, they must miss out on so many potential contestants who have to work on a Saturday.
The Full Iron Man Event where they do double the distance in all disciplines is in December, Ian will have to train for that instead as it takes place on a Sunday.
Carolyn was helping Fraser again this morning with his Science revision in the hope that he will be relaxed enough to answer the questions, when Fraser came home from school he seemed quite confident that he had done fairly well but we shall wait and see.
The kids couldn’t go to Freaky Friday tonight because someone had Poo’d in the Pool, not a very nice thing to do we know and nothing to do with any of our kids, but we don’t suppose whoever did it, did it on purpose, it must have just slipped out.
This evening we watched the film Hitch, with Will Smith, it is one of our favourites, as an actor this guy is a genius and we have yet to see a film that he has been bad in.

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Ganeida said...

You do come out with the weirdest things. I know about peeing in the pool. That's when the pink stuff goes off but poo?! Totally, totally gross!