Friday, May 8, 2009

No More Mr Nice Pizza

Saturday 2nd May 2009
It was a quiet day at the Café today, we expected as much, the Eagles were playing this afternoon and got turned over by the Dockers, there was also the Half Iron Man happening down on the foreshore, so there wasn’t a lot happening in our end of town.
The kids went to the Cinema this morning, they went to see Monsters v Aliens which they eventually enjoyed, the film started almost an hour late because they had a power cut to their tills so could not issue tickets.
The kids came back to the Café after the Cinema, they had a bite to eat and then went home with Carolyn who was not feeling at all well, probably women flu, nothing to worry about.
The kids spent the afternoon playing with their mates a couple of streets away, while Carolyn relaxed at home.
In the evening, Ian went to Broadwater to get a Pizza, unfortunately the bloke who owned the Pizza Shop and had started selling good Pizzas, has sold the business.
There are now three sizes of Pizza to choose from now where there used to be only two, Ian ordered the medium, put the phone down and went to pick it up.
When he got to the shop, the woman behind the counter who is presumably the new owner, was waffling on about how wonderful the Pizza smelt and how good it was going to taste, Ian just paid and let her carry on waffling while he was waiting.
When the Pizza came out of the oven, they put it in a large Pizza box which made the Pizza look very small but it looked edible.
When Ian ate it he found that, yes it did have everything he wanted on it, just not enough of it, they had loaded it up with Red Onion and Capsicum to make it look good.
Ian wasn’t impressed and even less so because the new, poor excuse for a medium size Pizza was now the price of the large ones that the previous owner used to make, while the large ones which are no bigger than the old large ones are now about Six Dollars more expensive.
We think the Chinese opposite may fare well while these new owners are in situ.


Little Nut Tree Blog said...

I had to read that three times before I caught up with it ;) lol

I love your sense of humour x

The HoJo's said...

Glad you thought we were worth the effort :o)