Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tourists in Town

Monday 6th April 2009
The tourists are in town, there are loads of them, they are seniors as they are called over here and they appear to be getting in a quick holiday before the serious tourists turn up on Good Friday at the end of this week.
Ian has been chatting to them and it would appear that most of them have come south to get here and will be heading back north on Friday, apparently by doing it that way that don’t get stuck in traffic.
It was a busy day in the Café today thanks to all these tourists, we were busy up until about 1.30pm when it died, a sure sign that the locals are keeping out of the way of the tourists.
Carolyns dad went walkabout round Busselton this morning while we were working, he managed to get chatting to some guy with some old cars in his garage, his favourite subject, and also had a look round the Butter Factory Museum.
This evening we fired up the Barbie again, it was a bit late so we had to eat indoors as it was dark outside.
Kristian went to Cubs this evening and had a good time, he came back with a couple of plastic plates that had bits of paper stuck to them, one said eat me while the other had a begging letter for ton of Easter Eggs stuck to it.

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Ganeida said...

Funny how the locals know to lie low when an invasion occurs. ;)