Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carolyns Dad Arrives

Sunday 5th April 2009
We got up early this morning, it’s amazing what you can do when you have an early night the night before and have the taste for a cooked breakfast after a couple of weeks of eating out for Sunday breakfast.
We went down to the market on the foreshore, the weather was nice and there were quite a lot of people there, so we said our hellos to the people we know and came away without spending anything.
We went to the Goose, a trendy’ish sort of restaurant down by the Jetty, it is not the cheapest place to eat in town but it does have great views across the water.
Ian had a Big Breakfast which is what he has ordered the last couple of Sunday mornings when we have eaten out, this was not as good as either of the ones in Dunsborough but the views are better.
Carolyn had Eggs Florentine with Smoked Salmon on Spinach, the Egg Yolks were runny which Carolyn doesn’t like, the Spinach wasn’t cooked, not even wilted which Carolyn doesn’t particularly like, the Smoked Salmon was enjoyable and so was the Muffin type piece of bread that it all sat on even if it was a bit small. Including all the bits Carolyn didn’t particularly like, she said she quite enjoyed it, how does that work?
After breakfast we went to the Café for a little while, made some Cheesecakes up ready for tomorrow, filled the fryers and did a few other bits and pieces that should make Ians life a bit more bearable tomorrow morning.
Carolyns Dad arrived at the house at about 1pm and the kids were over the moon, he looked well and seemed glad to see us which is always a good sign.
After he and the kids had lunch, we were too full still after breakfast, we went to Meelup Beach for a swim. The weather today has been lovely, the water was calm if a bit colder than the last time we went swimming but it was a most enjoyable swim.
We did see a rather large Stingray swimming past us a few yards away, but presumably there were too many people around the waters edge and it went elsewhere in his hunt for food because we didn’t see it again.
This evening we fired up the Barbie and had Steak and Salad out in the garden, normally in the evening there is a fairly strong wind blowing round here so we wouldn’t normally sit outside but this evening it was lovely.
Carolyns dad was feeling a bit jetlagged and starting to nod off, we were just knackered after a long week, so we all had an early night.

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