Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Anniversary Clean

Saturday 4th April 2009
The Café was busy today for a Saturday, it caught us out a bit although we had got extra staff in because we knew that Carolyn wasn’t coming in, so came through it relatively unscathed.
Carolyn was at home all morning doing her anniversary clean before her dad arrives tomorrow, he actually landed in Perth this evening and a friend of his who lives in Perth met him at the airport and is going to give him a lift down here tomorrow.
Ian managed to get his hair cut this afternoon, by doing that little bit extra after work last night he managed to find enough time to head off to the Hairdresser, leaving Carolyn and one of the junior staff to finish off the mopping.
The Hairdresser looked like she wanted to go home early as well, but as Ian keeps them loaded up with Donuts from time to time, she took pity on him and cut it for him rather than send him packing for the second consecutive week.
We did pop out for a little while this evening down to Stilts, but the kids were such a pain in the backside that we came home early and had an early night.

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