Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Dress Day

Friday 3rd April 2009
The kids had a Free Dress Day at school today, when they say free they don’t actually mean free, for the princely sum of $2 each, the kids were allowed to wear Free Dress which is what they refer to as Non Uniform Day.
What Ian would like to know is what is Free about it, we have paid out a lot of money on a uniform which they are not going to get maximum use of because of this Free Dress Day.
Secondly we have spent a fortune on their Non Uniform Clothes, these are now going to wear out quicker because of the Free Dress Day.
Thirdly we have parted with an extra $2 per child over and above the cost Uniform and Non Uniform, Ian doesn’t begrudge parting with the money, it’s just that it is probably about the most inapt name you could probably come up with for the event.
Fraser has been feeling poorly for most of the week with a chesty cold, one of the staff at school suggested that it might be Asthma and being the second person to mention it to him, he is now convinced that he has it and is going to be very poorly because of it.
The member of staff at school who mentioned Asthma, pointed out to Carolyn that quite a lot of kids get Asthma when they come down to Busselton because the weather is so damp down here, Carolyn pointed out that we do actually come from England and the chances of damp weather being an issue was fairly remote.
It was another busy day at the Café today, we kept on top of it but there was a definite feeling of stress about the place by the time we started to close up.
This evening one of Marisas old school mates from West Busselton came round for tea and went with Marisa to Freaky Friday, Fraser wasn’t feeling well so didn’t want to go and Kristian didn’t like the idea of being surrounded by girls so he didn’t go either.
Ian stayed on late at work to clean the Slushie Machine and get it set up for tomorrow as we weren’t going to get the chance to go out this evening, in theory it should save us a good hour or so when we are cleaning up tomorrow as it will be one less thing to do.

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Ganeida said...

So nice to know I'm not the only one that used to get shirty about *free dress day* when there was nothing free about it, that's why I forked out a fortune for uniforms & invaribly someone else's horrible child did something terrible to the only bit of good clothing my child owned & which was the only clothing he'd be seen dead wearing on *free dress day*. Do remember my boys are fishers & crabbers & ALL their clothing ends up stinking to high heaven with rather strange stains in even stranger places.