Monday, April 6, 2009

Two Bakers at the Boulevard

Thursday 2nd April 2009
The Café was busy today, the weather was cold and the pensioners were out in force from very early on, drinking coffee while checking out the specials at Coles Supermarket.
Carolyn had her car serviced today, it’s the last time we go to a Holden Main Dealer to get any work done, robbing B*******s, they give the price of a service and then charge virtually double because they have had to do all the things that you would normally associate with a service.
You’d think that with the recession the way it is they would be looking for repeat custom, it’s not like they are inundated with work at the moment, Carolyn only drove in this morning to arrange the service and they said they would do it there and then.
This afternoon we found out that the shop unit next door to the Café has been leased to a Baker, the unit is right opposite Bakers Delight so is an obvious threat to them, but is also a threat to us.
The baker that is going to move in is currently working out of a very badly placed unit, not doing very well by all accounts and seems to rely on Cake and Sandwich/Roll sales.
Bakers Delight doesn’t do a lot of Cakes, mainly relying on their Bread sales and we make Sandwiches and Rolls. The rents aren’t cheap in Busselton Boulevard and it looks like they are having to do a fair amount of work to the unit before they can move in, we are therefore expecting them to be marketing the business in a fairly aggressive manner which will upset the feeling of status quo that is currently enjoyed amongst the traders.
Virtually every trader in the centre is amazed that the owners would put another Baker into the centre, we have all been wanting to get the unit filled so that we have something else to attract customers to the centre, but none of us can see how having two Bakers in one small centre is going to attract more customers than having one well known good Baker.
Hopefully we’re wrong, but the judges are out on this one.


Ganeida said...

Why are people with the power such dorks? A gifty trinkety shop might have been a better idea. I do so hope it doesn't affect your business so much.

Elena said...

what the hell, two bakers right opposite each other?? did the young manager (was it David?) have to agree to that? seems really weird, maybe there wasn't any alternative? hmmm...
happy easter :)