Friday, April 10, 2009

Tea and Damper

Tuesday 7th April 2009
Carolyn and her dad went to the school assembly this morning, none of our kids received any awards this time which was a bit off, but we suppose the other kids have to get a go sometimes.
During the assembly they had a power point display showing loads of pictures of the kids during school, Marisa managed to appear in five of them while Kristian only managed to feature in one.
Frasers year do not appear in them at all because they are officially in High School and High School are above that sort of thing.
The CafĂ© was busy for a short while today up until mid lunchtime, then it died dramatically as all the tourists went elsewhere and there weren’t many locals to replace them.
Carolyn took Ians car into the garage today because one of his doors wouldn’t lock, a couple of hours and nearly 300 bucks later and it was working again.
This evening Kristian tried to teach his Grandad how to use the Wii, Grandad didn’t appear to be over impressed but went along with it to keep the peace.
Fraser and Marisa went to Scouts this evening, we were invited along towards the end as it is the last meeting before Easter to taste Tea and Damper which the Scouts made for us.
We had the pleasure of trying the Damper that Marisa had made, it was edible but unfortunately the tin foil had stuck to it which was not so good for those of us with fillings.
Apparently Damper is something you can eat out in the bush when all else fails and consists of Self Raising Flour and Water, nobody was on hand to tell us where you would find the Self Raising Flour out in the bush, but as the Australians all seem to know about Damper, we can only assume that there are plenty of places where you can get it out there.
We also had Billy Tea which had obviously been made for quite a while before we got there as it was cold, so the Scouts very kindly put it back on the fire for us so that it would heat up.
Apparently it is called Billy Tea because it is heated up in a Billy Can, which to all intents and purposes is a Saucepan with a Lid.
It was pretty tasteless apart from the hint of smoke, we had to drink it black because the Scouts had finished all the milk.
At the end of the Scout meeting, Fraser was awarded a Badge for having completed ten nights under canvas, all we need now is for him to learn how to sew it on because apparently he will start getting quite a few badges now and Carolyn does not do sewing willingly.


Jennifer said...

That's because sewing is only called for when absence of sewing would cause some form of indecency offence... otherwise it's just plain wrong! *grin*

Anonymous said...

LOL.. mmmmm cold billy tea and damper. Don't parents have a great life ;-)

Ganeida said...

lol. Damper is just edible glue! Ghastliest stuff & billy tea is even more disgusting. The bit I like is swingting the boiling billy round by the handle [but not if you are using a saucepan. You actually need a billy for this.] Remind me not to go camping with you lot if you can't remember to take the food along with you. ;)