Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swearing and Gratuitous Sex

Tuesday 21st April 2009
Carolyn took the kids to the Café this morning with the intention of Ian looking after them while she met the accountant to get our BAS Statement done, what she hadn’t planned on was finding Marisas boyfriend skateboarding outside the Café when she arrived.
What a coincidence, him just happening to be skating by as Marisa arrives, what a coincidence that he had just happened to have been skating past the Café for the last hour in the hope that he would see Marisa.
This turn of events added a new dimension to the problem of how to keep the kids happy, if we didn’t find them something to do Marisa would be an absolute pain in the backside, if only to prove to loverboy that she could, Ian would not have tolerated that at work and it would have ended in tears, so we sent them to Jungle Bungle.
When asked what time he had to be home, loverboy said that he had to be home by 3pm, so after they had played at Jungle Bungle for a while and come back to the Café, it was a bit of a surprise when his mum turned up in not the best of moods because she had been worried sick about him in his absence.
Apparently he had told his mum that he was going to skateboard into town and back, so she expected him to do just that and be back before too long, reminding him as he went that they were going out at 3pm.
He only had thoughts for Marisa and took his mums parting comment to mean, you can do what you want as long as you’re back by 3pm, isn’t interpreting the English language a wonderful thing?
In the evening we watched a film called The Day After Tomorrow, it is rated a 15+ but we couldn’t remember anything particularly child unfriendly about it, so we thought we would watch it again just to see if it would be ok for the kids to watch.
It is most definitely not a child friendly film and the kids will have to wait a long time before we let them watch it.
The problem is, we have loads of DVD’s of good films, but because so many film producers seem to feel that you can’t make a good film without loads of swearing and a bit of gratuitous sex, so the kids don’t have many GOOD films that they are allowed to watch.
We are not prudes by any stretch of the imagination, but we do not swear, well not in front of the kids, they hear enough of it outside the house and we would like them to grow being able to hold their own in a discussion without feeling the need to swear.

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