Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Dad has Landed

Monday 20th April 2009
Ian worked his little socks off at the Café today, while Carolyn tracked her dads flights on the computer, bet he never thought that Big Brother would be his daughter.
Ian can’t understand why she would want to do it, it would have been horrible if something did happen to it while she was watching, should something happen to the flight that is not the computer, and doesn’t bear thinking about really, but it kept her happy and he landed safely so all is well.


Vic said...

I'm with Ian on this one - it's a little creepy.

grandadhojo said...

Its an interesting thing to do, isn't it ? I don't know whether Chris (Carolyn's brother) tracked the flight all the way, but he certainly knew within a few minutes that I had landed at Gatwick as he sent me a text message. Another creepy thing is the camera in the nose of the aircraft. Very interesting to watch takeoff and landing if you are not scared - but it was a bit scary to watch us land at Gatwick almost on the tail of another plane which was taking off. No douubt it is all worked out so that we can't collide whatever happens to the taking off plane.

The HoJo's said...

see not creepy, just nice to see the little dot on the screen get there :o)