Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stilts is Blacklisted

Saturday 11th April 2009
While Ian worked his socks off at the Cafe today, Carolyn and her dad went shopping at Bunnings and the salvage yard for materials to build a run for the bunnies.
In the afternoon Carolyn went to the Café to help with the cleaning up while her dad and the kids started building the bunny run, we finished the cleaning at about 5pm.
In the evening, Carolyn, her dad and the kids watched the film Golden Compass, it didn’t really appeal to Ian so he went to Stilts to watch Liverpool play Blackburn.
While Ian was watching the football he got chatting to a Liverpool fan who told him that if he got Foxtel, he could watch virtually every Arsenal game live because at what would be 3pm UK time you can just click on what match you want to watch.
Ian asked the guy if he thought that the Stilts system would be the same, when he said yes Ian went up to the bar to check that there system could do it.
We have been going to Stilts for a year now and have spoken to the management many times about Ian missing the English Football, so when they said that their system would allow them to choose a game, Ians first thought was not one that we are allowed to print, but needless to say he did wonder how they could be so thick as not to realise that for the last year if they had put the Football on for Ian, he would have spent more time and money there.
As it was he kept his mouth shut except for asking to watch the Arsenal game after the Liverpool game, they said ok and he left it at that.
The Liverpool game finished and the time to select a game approached and Ian went to the bar to get them to switch it on, which they did, a couple of seconds later a couple of blokes from Perth who were in Busselton for the weekend announced that they wanted to watch the Man Utd game.
The manager, acknowledging that there were more of them than there was of Ian, changed the channel over for them.
Just at that point Carolyn turned up at Stilts to see Ian, she wanted to go to bed but couldn’t get through to Ian on the mobile, so she turned up to tell him. Ian finished his beer and they went home.
Ian has decided that he is going to get Foxtel and is not going to part with another cent in Stilts, he says it’s a matter of principal. He has been spending his money in there all year, yet when it came to watching a football match, a couple of blokes who they will probably never see again, got preferential treatment, he is not happy.

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Ganeida said...

That sucks big time. We just spew about Foxtel because now SBS isn't showing all the soccer either & they used to! I don't want to pay for what we once got free.